Potpourri Estate Sale
We provide exceptional attention to detail. We offer more than 15 years of experience and creative solutions for clients with specialized needs.

Potpourri Estate Sales helps people who are downsizing for any of a variety of reasons. There may be a death in the family, a divorce, a debilitating illness, the need to move to an Assisted Living Facility, something as straight forward as retirement to a warmer climate, or, finally, the desire to change to a simpler lifestyle.

Often, these changes bring about stress, as people may not know where to turn for help in dealing with the contents of their homes. They may not even know where or how to begin, as items have been accumulated over many years, even decades.

Potpourri Estate Sales offers years of experience liquidating the contents of estates, and businesses including antiques and collectibles, contemporary and used furniture, designer and vintage clothing, artwork, estate and costume jewelry, toys, tools, appliances, garden equipment, and much more.

Potpourri Estate Sales provides all of the resources needed to sort, organize, attractively display, research, tag everything and price to the best of our ability, advertise, and sell the contents of an Estate. We work with you, the client, and the sale patrons, to provide an enjoyable, valuable, and profitable sale experience for all parties.

Typically, we start working in the home three to five days prior to the actual sale date, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. We bring in folding tables and tablecloths to display the small items included in the sale. We empty cabinets, closets, and drawers so that all items can be easily viewed and attractively presented.

Estate Sales jewelry is displayed in locked glass cases. Costume jewelry is artfully arranged and display on large fabric cork-boards. Linens and other small items are displayed in clear plastic bags so that patrons can easily view them while keeping the sale neat and orderly for the enjoyment of all.

After displaying the items for sale, we price each item individually. Pricing is based on our knowledge of the current marketplace, our many years of experience, our extensive reference library, and our worldwide network of individuals with expertise in a wide variety of specific specialty areas.

We use the latest in Internet Advertising, including photos, maps, e-mail, and directions, which bring in interest from a broader base. We write and place all newspaper advertising and send out e-mail and postcard announcements to our subscriber list, which numbers in the thousands. Each day of the sale, we also place a host of highly visible, professionally manufactured signs leading the way to your sale from every major area intersection. Our goal is to bring motivated buyers to your sale.

Once the sale begins, our staff works diligently with each and every patron. Our staff is comprised of seasoned, professional salespeople, not "house-sitters". If a patron shows interest in an item, we do our best to make sure they purchase it. We are interested in selling, not just displaying.

We normally sell the majority of all items. What's left can be donated to charity, retained by the owner, removed without charge, or simply discarded. After the sale has concluded, we can provide you with a list of charities, Thrift Shops, and Consignment Stores, if you prefer to market the remainder.

At the conclusion of the sale, we present you with a receipt for every single item sold. The receipts are totaled and reconciled with you, and your proceeds are presented to you at the end of the last day of the sale.

We accept Cash, Checks and Credit Cards.


Potpourri conducted an estate sale for me in September, 2018. The professionalism and support of Mary, the head of Potpourri, and her crew was exceptional. The sale was conducted over 5 days and the set-up in advance was conducted over two weeks. I have an eclectic taste, so my items were unconventional and ranged from unusual furniture and art displays, Paleolithic cave art, heavy exercise equipment, metal lawn art, science fiction props, laserdiscs, audio and video equipment and too many other things to mention. Mary and her crew were up to the challenge. They researched everything to find the most reasonable prices and then staged my house to show and illuminate everything to promote sales. Hundreds of people visited, drawn by Potpourri's excellent reputation, and purchased nearly everything, both inside and out. Potpourri cleaned my house afterwards and promptly paid me the proceeds of sale. The sale experience was not stressful and was indeed very interesting. My conversations with Mary and the intelligent and kind Potpourri staff are memorable and highlight the exceptional service that was provided. Potpourri has my highest recommendation for estate sales.


Joel Benson

Joel Benson
October 2018
To the crew of Potpourri Estate Sales!
Just one big, HUGE THANK YOU. I can't fully express my gratitude for all you did for us!

We couldn't have imagined in our wildest dreams how successful the sale would be!

I keep picturing what might have happened had I tried to run the sale myself; what a disaster that would have been!

This sale required all your experience and professionalism you and your staff brought to bear.

The other company that came out before you had our expectations pretty low; so to have done so well was just amazing!

Thank you again for all of your understanding, outing us first and being so flexible , and for helping us prevail during this very difficult time.

Potpourri Estate Sales is the best! I will tell everyone I know about you.
Becky-Barrington Hills, IL
May 2016
We recently had an estate sale in Des Plaines. We had so much stuff that it took your wonderful crew several weeks to get it ready. I must say that I was quite impressed with their care and honesty. The initial 3 day sale turned into a successful 4 day sale. And with Anna Marie experience suggested yet another day the following week which resulted in another successful sale. I really enjoyed working with Anna Marie, Laurie, Mary Ann, Pam, Molly, John and Debbie. You really have a great group of people working with you. We will gladly share our experience with everyone!
Paula and Keith P
June 2016
Admittedly we were very nervous about turning over our belongings for an estate sale, as we are moving out of state and have been at our other house most of the time. Anna Marie and her crew were TRUE professionals! Their care in setting up and pricing was admirable and mind blowing. They used special lighting to highlight the items and it was amazing. They research carefully and set prices to help homeowners maximize their profits, yet still offering competitive pricing for buyers. We are so happy we chose Potpourri and so blessed to have Anne Marie and her crew be the "worker bees" they were in making our sale a huge success.
Art and Renee
June 2018

Absolutely blown away by Ann Marie, Mary, and her team in managing my parent’s estate sale. Three words sum it up for me - Honest, Efficient and Caring. While going thru my parent’s home, the team found things that they could have sold but knew items were heirlooms. One member found over $1000 in cash stashed away in an envelope in one of the dresser drawers!!!

My parents had accumulated so many things over the 60 years they lived in their home - including “adopting” things from their parent’s homes. Ann Marie & team went through every area of the house including taking things down from two attics. They hand washed many of the items and then staged merchandise in the most creative / appealing way. As a home decorator with 20 years of experience I found myself saying “Oh, what a fabulous display… how creative… WOW/double WOW”.

Obviously making money was the incentive and this team were extremely focused, kept payroll to a minimum, priced everything right and worked an extra day to get as many sales as possible.

In summary, finding a reputable estate sales team is hard enough but finding one that you can count on and that looks out for your interest seems impossible. Take my word, this group is top-notch - you will not be disappointed if you hire them for your sale.

Leslie H.
Date: June - 2019
Sale: Prospect Heights, IL

June 2019


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